Project architects: Sla Malenko, Greta Frišmantaitė-Gudaitienė
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Photos: Leonas Garbačauskas
Program: 10 000 m2
Year: 2017

PIER - the first building in Danske Campus quarter (more).
The main common areas such as kitchens, large meeting rooms and collaboration areas are located in the central part of the building. On the contrary the work spaces are designed for more privacy and tranquility and located in the sides of building.

The name of the building is inspired by the water theme reflected in the design of the atrium acoustic panels and in the interior of each floor - the color palette changes across the floors just as the tones change from the ocean bottom to the top surface.

All spaces are enlivened by the thematic graphics created by Antanas Laukaitis. Each room has his own theme and name according the floor color palette. Graphic design includes acoustic wall solutions and glass marking as well.