Project architects: Aurimas Sasnauskas, Greta Prialgauskaitė, Rita Dovydėnė
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Program: 9000 m2
Year: 2023
Status: Competition

The new gymnasium building is planned taking into account the sensitive natural surroundings, trying to highlight the advantages of the plot: the nearby pine forest, the pedestrian paths crossing the plot and the existing relief. The gymnasium building is designed in two volumes: a three-storey L-shaped volume closer to M.Marcinkevičiaus Street, and a one-storey volume closer to the recreational area of Jeruzalės Pond. The proposed volumetric solution helps form schoolyards of different types and character: the teachers' car park and the utilitarian courtyard for building services are planned in the north-eastern part of the plot, the main entrance to the building with the official event space is planned in the north-eastern part of the plot, and the internal schoolyard-park oriented towards the existing pine forest is planned in the south-western part of the plot.

The gymnasium being designed is not an enclosed building with a gymnasium function only; it is a building that is open to the surrounding community, that is not only comfortable for the pupils, but also attractive and used by the surrounding community. At the same time, as the building is being designed next to a pine grove and the recreational area of Jeruzalės Pond; the design is aimed at emphasizing the best possible integration of natural elements, so that the main common spaces of the gymnasium provide a feel of proximity to nature.