Project architects: Aurimas Sasnauskas, Greta Prialgauskaitė, Joris Šykovas
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Program: 2250 m2
Year: 2019-2020
Status: Built

Tech Loft is a renovated loft office in Vilnius city centre. The mid-20th c. spaces of the building were adapted to the needs of a modern office, while preserving the structures and textures of the time period. The double-sloped silhouette of the building is enhanced by a balcony on the roof with a protruding canopy, facing the direction of the panorama of Naujamiestis. The southern façade retains the original rhythm of the windows, and modern accents are inserted – a two-level showcase window and an annex on the first floor, marking the entrance zone. The rectangular single-storey annex is constructed from 4 metre-high cast glass panels, which with their colour merge with the historic whole of the building. The cast glass breaks down light and creates the effect of a light mist at the front of the building. The doors and windows of the building, constructed from anodised aluminium and steel, symbolically reinforces the idea of the building as a centre of technology and innovation.