A2SM architects: Sla Malenko, Kristina Čimkutė, Greta Prialgauskaitė.
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Photos: Vaidotas Darulis
Program: 13 000 m2
Year: 2017-2019

We started working with the client on early stage, helped to get acquainted and choose from the projects being developed in Vilnius at that time. Since the selected building was still to be constructed we were able to contribute to the planning of the building's spaces at an early stage and try to make the building, including the common spaces, adapted specifically to our customer. It was planned to transfer all employees working in Vilnius from different smaller locations to the new office, as the main headquarters of Telia Lietuva, therefore, in order to reconcile different work habits or specifics, employees were also involved and brainstorming sessions and workshops were held. This was followed by a long process of combining, understanding and shaping the task for the working space. We created a very mixed work space that responds to different work habits and styles. In this office the employee can choose the place of work according to the nature of his work, the task or mood of the day. Each of the six floors is divided into zones of different activity: from fully open seating areas, a spacious kitchenette suitable for free work or conversations with colleagues, to ordinary workplaces or separated quiet areas adapted to work that requires concentration.In addition the active areas on two floors of the building are designed specifically for employees' relaxing, moving away from work, play areas are installed there. The variety of workplaces is also complemented by a large number of meeting rooms which also vary with each other in their insularity, size, color and equipment. There are just over 160 meeting rooms in the office.